20:1 CBD Caps - Full Spectrum

Our capsules are made from organic unrefined coconut oil that has been infused with high quality organic Oregon grown hemp. When unrefined coconut oil reaches a certain temperature it will either solidify or liquify, so consistency can change. We suggest keeping them in a cool environment so that they stay solid, making them less likely to leak and easier to work with. If they do liquify, it’s okay, but they are more susceptible to leaking.

THC FREE Caps - Broad Spectrum

Broad spectrum is where hemp oil is put through a distillation process to get the THC out of the oil. Leaving behind other cannabinoids such as CBD, CBC and so on. Although we are firm believers of how THC works in conjunction with CBD, we understand that some individuals who can not use THC due to drug tests or for those who still have a fear of intaking THC, this is for you.Β 


Pro tip: Buy larger quantities of capsules to keep in the fridge, and carry our smaller 5-pack container as your travel size.Β 

Start with one capsule (if you’re sensitive, pop it open and try half). We take 2-3 daily, depending on the day. Not sure one capsule was enough? Wait 4 hours, and try two.


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Β Matt Rize 20:1 Full and Broad Spectrum Capsule Ingredients:

  • Vegetarian (Kosher and Halal) capsule shells made from pure HPMC vegetable cellulose and filtered water. No additives, preservatives, animal products, GMO, or gluten are used.
  • Organic unrefined virgin coconut oil. Our coconut oil is expeller pressed without the use of chemicals or solvents, non-GMO, gluten and dairy free.
  • Full-spectrum or broad-spectrum activated hemp oil from trimmed hemp flowers.

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