Matt Rize CBD was built on the belief everyone should have a right to high quality hemp-derived CBD products.

Jessi and Matt Rize have been making 20:1 CBD capsules for over 5 years. It has been their mission to provide the masses with safe and easy access to hemp-derived CBD products, education on cannabinoids, and unfiltered consumer testimonials.

In 1998, Matt Rize read about Prop. 215 opening the door for the medical industry, and that was it for him... By 2001, he drove from New Jersey to California, moving thousands of miles, leaving his friends, family, and home, to dedicate his life to changing standards and pushing for quality over quantity.

Matt Rize's great grandparents grew hemp, the patriotic thing to do back then. His grandma grew weed for his grandpa when he had cancer. His mom grew weed for fun like a  hippy. And he's been growing since 1998, including lessons from Mom and Grandma. It's a fam thing.

matt rize and jess
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Thousands of clients, testimonials, feedback and support from people – like you – who pursue the cleanest, healthiest products that are also earth-friendly.

Instagram Followers


Sharing the growth and process of our small scale artisan products. We focus on quality over quantity. Our team is small and we are doing the best we can.

Gluten Free

Full Spectrum Solutions

We use only the highest quality hemp, grown using natural farming methods in Oregon by Ahimsa Hemp.


Our products are fully compliant with US laws and are 3rd party lab-tested.

Waldo on Weed with Matt Rize

A handful of years ago, @matt__rize got a message from an IG account (@jerrybucket) about a baby with cancer who needed help.

He never imagined it would become a full-length documentary called Waldo on Weed, which premiered in the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival and is now available to watch free with Amazon Prime.

We don’t want to give away the story, but will say it has a happy ending.

Cancer patients have a special place in Matt Rize's heart, which is why he started making CBD products in 2012. Still, he never imagined he would positively impact so many people’s lives....

Thank you for all the support.

Matt Rize and Waldo
waldo on weed whoopi
Matt Rize at Tribeca Film Festival 2019
Matt Rize at Tribeca Film Festival 2019
Waldo and Jess

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